Saturday, January 30, 2010

January Playlist

These are my top twelve tunes for January:

Recently favorited:
This is the New Year-Ian Axel

Most liked in new genre:
Kings and Queens-30 Seconds to Mars

Sung most times in my car:
Say Goodbye-Katharine McPhee

Made me get up and dance:
What is Love?-Haddaway

Made me think most of someone else:
Baby It's Fact-Hellogoodbye

Most inspiring:
Good Life-OneRepublic

For my Best friend:

All around goodness:
All This Time-OneRepublic

Deepest emotional:
Death of Dumbledore-Jon Schmidt

Inspired spunk and attitude:
Cowboy Casanova-Carrie Underwood

Old favorite resurface:
Dark Blue-Jack's Mannequin

Heard the most on the radio:
Fireflies-Owl City

Had to add one more because I'm in love...
Home-Ian Axel

Friday, January 29, 2010

What a day...

Emotionally exhausted today. I can't believe how much happened today. I hit lowest low and flew pretty high within a 12 hour period.

The day started like a normal workday, except that when I showed up at work my boss called me into her office. Come to find out the credit union wasn't doing so well and they were doing cut backs...I was one of the unfortunate in the 20% of staff that lost there jobs that day. What an awful feeling. They told me I was a great employee but that they just had to eliminate every position that wasn't crucial. They gave me my last paycheck and I walked out the door. Knot in my stomach, I drove straight to my parents house to see my mom. Through the tears I told her what happened and we had a very good talk. She then gave me some advise that saved me at this point. She said that she knew it was hard, but that I needed to try really hard to shake it off and just jump right into finding a new job. She said not to wait till tomorrow or the start of a new week, but to take a few minutes to collect myself and go right out, that very afternoon, and get a job.

Of course I didn't like the sound of that, but after quite the internal battle I decided to take her advise. I called around to all the credit unions in the area to see who might be hiring. I found out that Weber State Credit Union, ironically, was looking to hire a full time Teller/Loan Processor which was exactly what I was looking for. I may have been a little too excited, but I borrowed some business looking attire from my mom, printed off an application and marched right down to the main branch. When I got there a number of people wanted to take my application for me but I said no and insisted I talk with either their manager or HR rep. I finally got to talk to their manager, who I hit it off with really well, and she sent me right out to the North Ogden branch to meet the manager out there. Since that was where the position was open, that was where I needed to have an interview. As luck would have it, the HR manager was also out to the North branch so I was able to meet him and talk with him about my situation. We connected instantly as well and set me up with an interview for Monday.

I came home and contacted a guy in my parents ward that I knew had been looking for help with his business and he was kind enough to allow me to come in and work for him. I start Monday morning making phone calls for $10/hr. Not too shabby. However, he only needs help for another week or so, so this is just a tide me over and save to pay next months car payment type deal.

I got in touch with a few other places but nothing felt as good as WSCU. I went home, relieved I had taken my mom's advise and decided that I was probably going to move back home. Kylee and Greg are selling the house we're in now and with losing my job and other family things going on I feel like moving home would be optimal. So now I have to start thinking about that as well and when where they're going to fit me into the house and yadayada. But that is for another day. My family had tickets to go see a movie that night so I decided I would take a load off and enjoy a movie night with them. Well...contention hit as we pulled into the theater and my parents ended up taking Taylor home so it was just Jayce and I enjoying a movie together. We saw "Extraordinary Measures" which is a very inspiring movie.

After the movie, Landon text me and asked if I'd like to go do something with him. We decided to go to another movie that evening. This is when where the highlight of my day is inserted. He was so cute during the movie. We went and saw "When in Rome", a romantic comedy, and he was enjoying himself throughout the whole show. He even held my hand and made me feel slightly special. I love it when he does those little things. It makes all the difference in the world. It got me to thinking maybe there is still hope for us...

What started as a terrible day, ended with a note of happy satisfaction. Now it's on to the next steps. Find a new job, move out of Kylee and Greg's, decided what kind of relationship I am looking for...

I just keep telling myself that I already decided this was going to be a good year and I'm not going to let the happenings of today keep me from my "Good Year, 2010".

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Ward

I started attending my new ward last week and went to an FHE tonight. My uncle Troy is the executive secretary in this ward and they had the activity at his airplane hanger in Ogden. I showed up to find that the space was not being taken advantage of at all. They were all crammed into a little room playing "Never have I ever" and, sadly, it was not a satisfying evening. I miss my old ward. I still feel this was the right decision but there is nothing remotely close to the feeling I had in the 2nd ward going on in this ward. Sad.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Girly night

Sam Nielsen came over tonight. It was great to catch up with her. She is so adorable. I'm very grateful for her and her Christ-like example. We painted our toenails and talked all about life and the things going on. It was just what I needed.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mom's home!!

My mom just got home from her trip to Africa. It was great to see her again after two weeks! She said she had a great time and it was a wonderful experience. The picture she has from her trip are great. I don't know if I could handle it there. My mom is one tough lady. She is my hero.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Snow Painting

I enjoyed myself very much this evening. Landon called me and asked if I would like to do something. I was just finishing up a great work out and stretch and was feeling at the top of my game and couldn't have been more excited to go out and do something. He told me he was thinking "snow painting". I wasn't entirely sure what that entailed but it sounded good to me. We had climbed Ben Lomond in October and bought different color jello packets to paint the snow with in case we got stranded (he thinks of everything when it comes to those kind of things). Well, we never used them on our hike and he still had them sitting around so he decided he wanted to try it out. We went to a park by my house and tried all sorts of things to get the jello to show up in the We did, however plot out a successful "scavenger hunt" for someone to go on that, if they followed the arrows, would take them to a big smiley face that says "You Win!" It was great and afterward he even stuck around at the house and talked to me for a while. I consider this a success in our record book.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!

I decided the week of Christmas, 2009 that this 2010 year is going to be different, uplifting and filled with happiness. i have multiple things that I want to change and have resigned to do so. One of the things this year will bring is a year of documented successes and failures. Starting today, January 1, 2010.

I ended 2009 on a good note. I made peace with someone special in my life. We talked and he allowed me to vent my feelings of frustration and hurt that he had caused me the previous 6 months. With a weight lifted I had a renewed sense of "can-do" and made peace with a few other things. Now I'm free, single and hopeful for what the future might bring.

I decided to jump into developing talents. I love photography and multiple comments have been made this holiday season about my knack for it. I happened (by happy un-coincidence) to come upon a local professional photographers website today and saw that he offers photography classes of all varieties. He's very passionate about his work and I know that this will be a wonderful experience. And I'm so excited for it which is a big deal because I really haven't gotten excited about something like this for a long time. I start Tuesday.

I'm feel happy. I feel hopeful. I feel.
And that feels good.

January Playlist