Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!

I decided the week of Christmas, 2009 that this 2010 year is going to be different, uplifting and filled with happiness. i have multiple things that I want to change and have resigned to do so. One of the things this year will bring is a year of documented successes and failures. Starting today, January 1, 2010.

I ended 2009 on a good note. I made peace with someone special in my life. We talked and he allowed me to vent my feelings of frustration and hurt that he had caused me the previous 6 months. With a weight lifted I had a renewed sense of "can-do" and made peace with a few other things. Now I'm free, single and hopeful for what the future might bring.

I decided to jump into developing talents. I love photography and multiple comments have been made this holiday season about my knack for it. I happened (by happy un-coincidence) to come upon a local professional photographers website today and saw that he offers photography classes of all varieties. He's very passionate about his work and I know that this will be a wonderful experience. And I'm so excited for it which is a big deal because I really haven't gotten excited about something like this for a long time. I start Tuesday.

I'm feel happy. I feel hopeful. I feel.
And that feels good.

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