Friday, April 2, 2010

Rocks and shiny things...

One of my amazing friends, Michelle, got engaged yesterday and it made my heart all a flutter. It feels so good to be so happy for her even though the love I wish I had by my side isn't here right now. Sometimes I see the selfishness of others when they can't be happy for their friends when something WONDERFUL happens to them and it makes me sad. Everyone deserves excitement when something exciting happens to them. My plug is for everyone to look outside themselves and see things through a different pair of goggles. I picture a moment of bliss...for me it includes every tidbit of good news I've ever gotten from a friend because to me the smiles they share when they tell me their news if proof to me that good things still happen in this scary world we live it. Each smile gives me hope and happiness on my own roller coaster of life. Each smile proves to me that God blesses our lives. Each smile satisfies my need for happiness. Seeing the joy in the lives of those I love and care for humbles me and makes feel an emotion that surpasses it all....gratitude.

Life is beautiful.

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