Friday, April 9, 2010


Sometimes in life you have to take a moment, sit back, choose to smile, and accept that some things are just bound to happen.

Sometimes all the lights will turn red on your way to work.
Sometimes you will spend a few extra minutes in the bathroom.
Sometimes you will have extra fatty layers on your body.
Sometimes you will receive things you are undeserving of.
Sometimes there won't be any way around being sick.
Sometimes you just won't have enough money.
Sometimes you simply won't survive without your favorite treat that is in no way good for you.
Sometimes you will be in trouble.
Sometimes people just won't like you, even when you did nothing to wrong them.
Sometimes you won't escape the freak snowstorm.
Sometimes you will forget your best friends birthday.
Sometimes you will fight with the ones you love.
Sometimes the baby will spit up on you.
Sometimes you will run out of toilet paper...on the roll and under the sink.
Sometimes the diaper will smell REALLY bad.
Sometimes you will fail a test.
Sometimes someone else will refuse to see your perspective.
Sometimes the sunset will make you cry.
Sometimes you will step on a thorn in your bare feet.
Sometimes you won't be able to let go.
Sometimes your fist will clench up when thinking about politics.
Sometimes gritting your teeth won't take away the pain.
Sometimes your cheeks are going to hurt from laughter.
Sometimes the rock in your shoe won't come out till the third try.
Sometimes the milk in the fridge will be bad.
Sometimes the shower will be cold.
Sometimes your flip-flop will break.
Sometimes your voice will squeak while trying to sing.
Sometimes you will forget the conversation you had with your mother the night before.
Sometimes you will be taken for granted.
Sometimes you will have to listen to the neighbors dog bark at 3a.m.
Sometimes you will need a hug.
Sometimes you will fall asleep on the couch and wake up with a kink in your neck.
Sometimes you will recognize that your parents really do love you.
Sometimes you will waste time.
Sometimes the mousetrap won't catch the mouse.
Sometimes the wind will knock down the fence.
Sometimes seeing a child smile will take your breath away.
Sometimes the movie will suck.
Sometimes grandma will hug you too tight.
Sometimes you will let yourself dance and sing in the car.
Sometimes the frost on your windshield will make you late for work.
Sometimes the joke will be on you.
Sometimes you will feel sad.
Sometimes you will be uncontrollably happy.
Sometimes you will know...
Sometimes you won't...

Try to remember that all the "sometimes" are creating your lifetime...all the time. Each moment is part of something and each blink becomes a sometime. Enjoy your "sometime" moments.

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