Friday, September 3, 2010


My sweet friend Angela Secrist (Cooney) got married today. Her reception was so great! She looked beautiful and they both looked so happy. It was also a WONDERFUL reunion! Jessica came with Tawny and I and brought her sweet bundle of joy with her. Cutest little girl on the planet!! I love her red hair and chubby legs. I just want to eat her up! haha Ran into Dalen, Clay, Kelsey, Kellie, Tyson, Lindsay, Emily, Steve and a bunch of other old friends there and we had a great time. I even came back after I left once because I wanted to spend more time with old friends. It was special to me. Here's a few pics to document the evening. Love!
They were nice to each other when they cut the cake. No smashing in faces.

Funny how Clay always manages to look evil in the pictures I get of him...

Love them both :)

After the wedding, I came home and my sweet friend Sarah was over. We (Sarah, Tawny and myself) decided it was a good night for spaghetti and a flick.
This is how we chose the movie:

Since my room was a disaster and I forbid anyone to enter, I took picture of each of my movie shelves and made them look at the pictures and pick one. haha
I love my friends and the random things we do!

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