Saturday, September 4, 2010


Went to my first REAL Salt Lake game tonight. It was awesome.
There were lots of records set that night for the team. One of them was the number of fans in attendance. Over 18,000!
Pretty awesome.
We were on the East side so I got to watch one of my favorite things from a new viewing point...
...a gorgeous sunset behind the jumbo tron. haha
I even got ice cream AND entertainment after the game.
Plus we sang in the car. Good times.

he's a gentleman, he's funny, and he put up with me for a whole night.
The best part is I tried to kick back a little...and braydon got a picture of my favorite shoes.
I love experiencing new things.
The world we live in is scary in lots of ways, but it is still awesome in many others.
Music, ice cream, soccer, sunsets, shoes...need I go on??

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