Friday, August 6, 2010


So this may seem menial to most, but I accomplished something at lunch that I felt proud of.
A few months ago my car started making this noise that wasn't a normal noise. It sounded like I was continually running over those little yellow tabs that they sometimes put on the lines in the road. Could never figure out what the deal was. I was afraid it had something to do with my tires and i was not looking forward to paying to have that figured out. Well, the noise started to go away a few weeks ago but every once and a while I would hear it. By happy chance, I noticed something hanging down in the front of my car as I drove past a store and saw the reflection in the window. So, today at lunch, in my work clothes, I pulled my little friend up on the car raisers at my parents house, wheeled myself right up underneath her and ::light bulb:: found the problem. Part of the plastic guard on the front has snagged on something at some point and was flapping around as I drove. Part of it had gotten sheered off from dragging on the road (which would explain the noise starting to go away this last little while) but there was still a small flap of plastic hanging down. I grabbed my dad's sheers and trimmed it all up nice and neat, and I believe that will solve the mystery. (cross your fingers) It was just a nice boost to my confidence to know I'm not one of those helpless sissy girls who can't investigate a car dilemma. Call me a little less feminine, but I actually enjoy working on cars and getting a little messy. I feel accomplished. Pat on the back, don't mind if I do.

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