Monday, August 9, 2010

Sand Volleyball

Tonights FHE activity was sand volleyball!! Fantastic! My team was righteous. Cindy brought her game face and a ball with Willson painted on it (just like the one in "Cast Away"...yes, it was awesome); Clint may not be a tall man, but he can still spike it; Jordan is the best forward puncher in volleyball history; Tawny has a mean serving streak (5 aces in a row); I, well I'm entertaining to watch...I believe that is a contribution...somehow...haha; and Dan, he kept us pumped up and really kept his head in  the game. We didn't do too bad. I think we won more than half the games we played, but most of all we had fun. It was healthy to laugh and feel fun penetrating into my routine in life once again.
I love my ward. It is filled with uplifting, good and happified people. It is a blessing. Beautiful are the blessings that this life brings, given us by our Father in Heaven who loves and watches over.

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