Thursday, August 5, 2010

Things to be said...

Went to dinner tonight with a bunch of ladies/friends that I work with. We went to Javiers and ate way too many helpings of chips and salsa...but it was delicious. We just had a good chat and a few laughs. I'm grateful to have fun people I can socialize with. Here are a few of my favorite lines from the night:

"I don't do beverages very well"-Tanya
"Hello, I'm the Moron Monitor. I just stopped by to inform you that you are a serious moron. Carry on"-Me (directed at Michelle and her awesome outlook on other peoples lives ha)
"He went in to kiss me and I just couldn't get away...sneezed right in his face!"-Michelle
"Pretty sure I just shot snot into my drink"-Tanya
"What? we're not good enough for you you have to text other people?"-Kathy (directed at Tawny who didn't hear a word she said but then looked up and said...)
"Oh wha? Something about embarrassing moments and texting...yeah I heard you."-Tawny
"When you can laugh about laundry you are in good shape"-Tanya
"Don't crunch my face!"-Diane
"Dumped hot coffee right in my lap. It was hot and I was loud. Yup right in my...lap"-Kathy
"I looked and she fell with all the tater-tots, then I peed"-Tanya

outlast the lights that flash and the time that flies. 

I'm grateful for memories, specifically memorable use of vocabulary :)

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