Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I have been concerned lately with "who I am", feeling like I lack the identity needed to be able to claim that I know who I am. Through recent words of scripture and prophets and much pondering I've realized that the discovery of our true identity happens in and through our Savior Jesus Christ, living His gospel, and learning his teachings. With such realization and more eternal goals in mind, I decided to purchase a new triple combination. I hope to dive into the living waters and begin absorbing knowledge I've truly been missing.

I have set a temple goal. No date yet, but while talking with my bishop I decided that striving to enter the temple, worthy and prepared, would be an excellent way to focus my good intentions and turn them into patterns of righteousness that I hope to pursue for the rest of eternity.

I have decided not to have my name put on my new set of scriptures until I am able and worthy to enter the temple. It will serve as a symbol of discovering my identity. By obtaining and maintaining a temple recommend I will be able to say that I know who I am... Kelsee...A daughter of a divine Heavenly Father and a disciple of Jesus Christ, who has made it possible for me to have a life of substance, meaning and every lasting happiness I could ever imagine.

I'm grateful for growth and
and [humbled]
His grace and

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