Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The first 60 days of my
[135 Days]
of gratitude
(A list compiled and started to appropriately countdown the days till what I am most grateful for in this roller coaster year sets foot back in Utah)
  • Day One: Grateful for the double rainbow, spread across an entire evening sky
  • Day Two: Grateful for the strawberry taste that tingles my tongue 
  • Day Three: Grateful for optimism
  • Day Four:Grateful for the scriptures
  • Day Five: Grateful for music and the way it can get to me like nothing else in this world
  • Day Six:Grateful for peaceful moments, no matter how brief 
  • Day Seven: Grateful for new appreciation of important things of a spiritual nature. oh and the announcement of the temple prep class starting up in my ward, which I will be participating in :) stoked!!
  • Day Eight: Grateful for emotion and heart that's growing.
  • Day Nine: Grateful for my spare car key and green lights on my way to work.
  • Day Ten: Grateful for makes me appreciate happiness so much more.
  • Day Eleven: Grateful for Jeffrey Paul Hofheins.  You discover what true friendship is when the difficult times arise and they stick by your side and fight with and for you.
  • Day Twelve: Grateful for brisk mornings and kisses from the sun :)
  • Day Thirteen: Grateful for my blogs (yes, plural). They keep me real and spirited. 
  • Day Fourteen: Grateful for Sunday evening chats with my mom.
  • Day Fifteen: Grateful for random fun, laughter and tennis shoes.
  • Day Sixteen: Grateful for my bed and rest after a long day.
  • Day Seventeen: Grateful for my job. I am employed and work with great people. I am blessed.
  • Day Eighteen: Grateful for rain!!
  • Day Nineteen: Grateful for friday cookie day at work. (Though my jeans that I put on this morning are telling me the last thing I need is free cookies at work.)
  • Day Twenty: Grateful for all the things that never worked out in my life so that there can be room for all the things that will. 
  • Day Twenty-One: Grateful for my family and the chance to see my brother and spend time with him.
  • Day Twenty-Two: Grateful for those who are honest with me, even when it kills me inside.
  • Day Twenty-Three: Grateful for absolutely amazing friends (who's love made me cry), laughter, chatter, smiles, and country swing dancing late into the night. I am truly blessed.
  • Day Twenty-Four: Grateful for a peaceful sleep that allowed me to feel refreshed this morning.
  • Day Twenty-Five: Grateful for Bluebel cheese! So yummy. Oh and applesauce :)
  • Day Twenty-Six: Grateful for fresh water to drink.
  • Day Twenty-Seven: Grateful for my grandparents. Sweetest people on the planet!
  • Day Twenty-Eight: Grateful for the organization of Visiting Teaching. Truly inspired.
  • Day Twenty-Nine: Grateful for the down poor as I ran from the house to my car. For some reason it made me happy, like a kid again :)
  • Day Thirty: Grateful for being able to get organized toward the beginning of the week for once instead of the end. Feels good.
  • Day Thirty-One: Grateful for my sense of sight and that I see such beautiful things with vibrant colors on a daily basis.
  • Day Thirty-Two: Grateful for tears because when I cry it reminds me I'm not a heartless, ungrateful, desensitized person.
  • Day Thirty-Three: Grateful for fresh morning air. It just felt so good breathing it in on my way into work today!
  • Day Thirty-Four: Grateful for friends and the fun reunion we had at Angela's wedding last night.
  • Day Thirty-Five: Grateful for fast and testimony Sundays. They are such a blessing.
  • Day Thirty-Six: Grateful fro a day to re-group and being able to take lots of deep breaths in a row.
  • Day Thirty-Seven: Grateful fro time. Short as it may be, little as we have, it is a gift. Don't forget.
  • Day Thirty-Eight: Grateful fro individuality and the unique personalities it gives each of us. When unique personalities collide, it sometimes makes for a pretty fantastic evening :)
  • Day Thirty-Nine: Grateful for my camera and the wonderful memories it helps me to capture.
  • Day Forty: Grateful for being 40 days away from where I was 40 days ago. There's a sense of accomplishment when you look back at something you aren't proud of and can look in the mirror and say, ya know, I think I'm going to be just fine.
  • Day Forty-One: Grateful to be able to get some rest when I'm sick.
  • Day Forty-One: Grateful for the watch care of a loving Father in Heaven who helps me do what I am not physically able.
  • Day Forty-Two: Grateful for communication and the ability to talk to others.
  • Day Forty-Three: Grateful for people who care enough to listen to my life stories and don't judge me.
  • Day Forty-Four: Grateful for cough drops with Vitamin C and their thoughtful delivery.
  • Day Forty-Five: Grateful to have made it to work on time even though I missed my alarm by a long mile.
  • Day Forty-Six: Grateful for the corn husks I saw on my way to work. Tickled my insides because I'm so excited for fall!!
  • Day Forty-Seven: Grateful for my feet. They took me dancing on a beautiful night and my heart was light.
  • Day Forty-Eight: Grateful for mistakes and wrong choices. They make me realize what the real problem is when I'm having a bad day.
  • Day Forty-Nine: Grateful for imagination. Limitless and costs nothing.
  • Day Fifty
  • Day Fifty-One:
  • Day Fifty-Two: Grateful for dreams. Even when they're really least I know I'm still alive even when unconscious.
  • Day Fifty-Three: Grateful for the sound each string on a guitar makes. Put a few together and you can create your own little piece of heaven.
  • Day Fifty-Four: Grateful for 409 and men who take responsibility for their actions. Sleeping on the cold ground is much more pleasant with lingering laughter brushing past your lips.
  • Day Fifty-Five: Grateful for the warmth of the sunshine and the chance to doze in its' rays.
  • Day Fifty-Six: Grateful for love. If fills me up all warm and bubbly inside.
  • Day Fifty-Seven: Grateful for responsibility. It helps me grow.
  • Day Fifty-Eight: Grateful for the pumpkin truck that was PILED with pumpkins in Smiths parking lot. I couldn't help but smile as I thought of what the this fall will be bringing...
  • Day Fifty-Nine: Grateful for my washer and dryer and the smell of clean laundry, warm towels and soft t-shirts.
  • Day Sixty: Woo Hoo!! Day Sixty. Grateful for time. All the time I have put behind me and turned into who I am today, and for all the time that lies ahead.

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