Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brides and babies

Yes that is all that seems to be going on these days, weddings and baby blessings. I don't remember when I got old enough to have all my friends in this stage of life. Somewhere along the line we grew up...I didn't catch it. Went to my sweet friend, Sam Nielsen's, bridal shower tonight. She is so adorable. I am happier than a daisy in May for her and her fiance Austin. She is so happy and hearing her talk about their plans together is a testimony builder to me of the plan of savation and the reality of eternal families. Tawny and I went a little crazy at the store getting her shower gift. Printed off her registry and went to town! We filled up a extra large laundry basket with all sorts of usful kitchen things. The theme was "Time of Day" and we had 6:00p.m. so figured the kitchen would be a safe bet for that time of day. She was so grateful and loved all of it. Just one more Tawny/Kelsee random tangent success story :)

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