Friday, October 22, 2010

Grand Opening!

My work just opened their brand new North Ogden branch. We are solid now. No more trailer home. Yes, this is a true statement; I used to work in a double wide...that was a NCUA certified Credit a double wide! Redundancy is only fitting in this particular case.

I thought it only appropriate to take a moment in memory of the trailer. It will always be remembered. Despite my outward conveyance of annoyance and desire to have it obliterated, there are twinges on my heart strings when I think of things like the way it smelled like shrimp when it rained, or times when I remember gazing through the prison-like bars on the windows on a sunny day longing to be free. You might catch me missing the full scale kitchen with enough cupboards to keep all my junk food in, or the homey employee bathroom complete with a shower. I might choke up a little on any given day if I think of the special moments when Dalene, my boss, walked out of her office with "that look" on her face and I knew it was time for me to put my game face on and go in after the spiders lurking under her desk. I may even miss, from time to time, the yelling we had to do when it hailed or rained hard in order to hear what the members needed us to do over the pinging on the metal roof and siding.

The double wide... ::sigh:: ... it will be missed in all it's mold growing glory...


Our new building is BEAUTIFUL!! I feel spoiled now going to work every day. It is keeping us busier than we are used to or know how to handle, but I have loved every minute of it! I am learning so much and have even have my own office for which I am training to be the Loan Officer. I'm so grateful to have a job and work with fun people and feel like I am in a safe and healthy environement. "Appreciate" has been the word on the brain these days.
The radio station, K-Bull 93 came out to help celebrate our grand opening.

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