Sunday, October 17, 2010


I got to see an apostle of the Lord tonight!!
Elder David A. Bednar of the quorum of the twelve apostles came to speak at a young single adult fireside tonight at Weber state universities institute building. This was HUGE! Even though we all knew it was a big deal that he was coming we had no idea just how crazy it was going to be just trying to get into the building.
The line was all the way up the street and around the corner from the south west doors of the building.

We stood in line forever and we didn't even get there early as some. 
Some people got there as early as 2:30 to ensure they got good seats. At one point we were worried if we would get in at all because of how many people we saw going in and how far back we were. So while we were waiting ever so patiently to get in, we decided to take some more pictures...

These are two of my favorite people in the world. Tawny Parker and Cindy Olmstead. Cindy is my Visiting Teaching Coordinator and she is simply a saint. Oh and she is also super woman. She does sooo many amazing things with her life. I appreciate her so much.

Best friends!!

We are definitely some fun friends! :) These girls make me soo happy!

We finally got into the building and even though we were in the over flow of the over flow, we could still see him pretty well. He gave an amazing and inspired talk. More than a talk it was tid bits of advise specifically for us as young single adults in that area from a general authority. I recall getting goose bumps several times. my favorite message, however, had to be "Feed them ice cream!" Council from an apostle on raising children. I believe we'd all be a little happier with a few more scoops of ice cream :) It was a great evening. 

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